Big Brother Over the Top Weeks 1 & 2 Recap



We made it through our first two weeks of BBOTT and the game is off! Big Brother Over the Top is the feedster’s paradise of Big Brother. Feed cuts are few and far between and who even knows if the fish are alive at this point? Last week, I gave my first impressions of our hamsters based on their pre-season specs. This week; I take everything (sorta) back because wow what trash. They are excellent trash, but still trash. Covering Big Brother OTT is a definite learning curve, but have no fear and to quote Big Meech, “let me educate you guys…”


  1. BBOTT is not your normal Big Brother. BBOTT is a delicious hybrid of the summer seasons crossed by BBCAN crossed by BBUK. The  game is similar, but pucker up kids. Houseguests better make like James Huling and pander to America or America’s darlings to make it far.
  2. BBOTT is a huge time commitment. The feeds are the main show with Big Brother Over the Top, so keeping up is a very intentional act. Instead of three episodes a week, production is recapping the season nightly with Weekday Recaps; 5-10 minute segments covering the highlights of the day in the house. We do get a pre-eviction 1 hour commercial free package that recaps the entire game, but otherwise, you are on your own to follow the drama in the BBOTT house. The format changes make it a bit harder to keep up unless you are committed to feed viewing for extended periods of time. A dream for the feedsters, but it could be a bit of a challenge if you rely on the TV edit during summer seasons. Thankfully the flashback feature is available as well as spoiler lists and live feed updates (Follow @BBOTTFeedUpdates on Twitter for play by plays of the feeds.)
  3. BBOTT brings us live competitions, ceremonies, and diaries. Summer after summer we have been bitching and whining about the lost weeks and hours of Big Brother coverage for the pomp and circumstance of production. That’s over. Every competition and ceremony are live for your feed watching pleasure. Even the staple whorekini photo shoot went out over feeds. This is a monumental development for Big Brother fans as we have always missed the first week of action and real competition drama. This is Big Brother behind the veil so to speak and it is so, so, good. Live diaries go out on Tuesday and Friday nights and the unscripted segments give. me. life. Shades of Danielle Reyes anyone?

The BBOTT week is a long and jam-packed one for sure. To keep you updated, I’m gonna put an xoxofeedsters twist on recapping and break down the week houseguest by houseguest. We have been blessed with feeds gold and power players this season and things have been changing on a dime in the house and we are only two weeks in!

At a glance, here is what has gone down so far in the house. Monte won the first HOH with the BB bug competition. Shane drank a mystery bottle of magic blue Kool Aid that unleashed the bug (read: scabies) upon the house. The bug was then passed from houseguest to houseguest over a 24 hour. If you were infected, you could no longer become HOH. Monte and Alex were the last houseguests in the competition with Wheat-knee choosing Monte to be the first HOH. With Monte’s HOH, the house began to fracture into what is now known as the Plastics and the Misfits. Monte aggressively targeted Jason much to the chagrin of the Misfits and America. The girls on the Monte side of the house put up a fight to see Danielle as the “pawn.” Even her budding showmance Shane was in on the plan. To throw a wrench in Monte’s plan, America nominated his ally Cornbread. The Crack the Code counting POV was played with Jason reigning victorious. Monte was #PISSED. Kryssie went up as the replacement. The first live diaries happened Tuesday night just as Danielle was leading the charge to save herself and Kryssie. Jason, who had been the house pariah, was now sitting on his smoker’s couch throne with the support of the feedsters and most of the house behind him. Come Wednesday night, Cornbread was blindsided out the door with an idonic parting “Fuck y’all.” The second HOH of the week was off with a night long endurance comp. Alex came off with a shady (and much contested) win making her BBOTT’s second HOH. Knowing her ship was sinking, Alex made strides and secret connections with Jason and Co. for a future working relationship when her problematic friends became too much to handle. Keeping it classic and coming off the travesty of the BB18 season of showmances, Alex nominated Shane and Danielle with Danielle being the preferred target. Monte, Morgan, and Scott became the first Have Nots at the hands of America. POV was played and Shane was the victor. Kryssie was the renom and everyone is pissed.  And that’s what you missed on Glee… I mean, BBOTT.



First HOH of the season went to this charmer here – Monte Massongill. Yes, even his last name is a douche. Monte is perhaps one of the most bull headed, infuriating characters we’ve seen in recent years on Big Brother. At first glance, Monte is your average semi-good looking meat head. He whines in monotone about how fat he’s getting in the house and how noble and polite he is. Now, I’m not in the business of labeling people… much, but Monte has landed himself in some hot ass water with his comments in the house. It all started with his anti-Jason sentiments the first week in the house. BBOTT is a lesson in adaptability. Game moves that are common sense in normal Big Brother are game suicide in BBOTT. He made the mistake of aggressively targeting Jason the very first week of a season where America (note: Twitter) has the power to usurp control of the game and make your life a living hell if they so choose. .He’s said some pretty unsavory things in the house that could be taken as racist, bigoted, and sexist. Granted, he denies he is any of those things, but actions speak louder than words and I’m sure he’ll answer for it all when he gets the boot that’s coming to him. Monte’s HOH was a giant disaster with all 3 people he nominated staying in the house. The swift hand of justice (note: Twitter) fell on Monte again this week with America making him not only a Have Not, but also the third nominee. With that misfortune plus getting drug to filth during a house meeting about his perceived prejudices and later, a personal attack from Danielle; obviously, things aren’t so powder fresh for Mr. Massongill right now in the house

Alliances: Plastics Faction – Monte & His Pythons (Monte + Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Wheatknee) – Defunct Bromance with Shane – Mongmance (Flirtmance with Morgan)


Shane gets the award for most adaptable so far this season. During the first few days, Shane definitely erred on the side of the Plastics and the Popular kids due to his budding bromance with Monte, but after America had their say and he hopped in bed with Danielle it was Misfitville for our man bunned prince. It was a smart move for Shane – I’ll give him that. Monte is the Titanic and without him he was on the bottom of the alliance anyway. It’s difficult to throw a wrench in girl power. Shane skated through week one with flying colors just in time to jump ship right into a showmance. Now, if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am not about a showmance. I’m here for shenanigans and strategy. Shane and Danielle are not a terrible showmance. Yeah they’re a little boring and yeah they do spend 12 hours a day snuggling, but at least they spend the other 12 gaming pretty damn hard unlike the Nicorey’s who came before them. Even if his lady leaves, Shane is solid till midgame at least.

Alliances: The Misfits aka Late Night Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, & Kryssie), Defunct Bromance with Monte


Danielle is the shit stirrer we deserve. During her first week in the house, she survived the block, saved a friend, got in a showmance, and drug Zakiyah through the mud. Otherwise she kinda just laid on Shane and garnered a lot of bad blood with the Plastics. She’s made some borderline good moves, but without us – she wouldn’t have a lot. If she survives her second go around on the block, Dani is one to watch. Otherwise, hasta la vista. Sorry about your showmance.

Alliances: The Misfits aka Late Night Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, & Kryssie), Showmance with Shane, Tightly Aligned with Jason



Bless the BB Gods who gave us fellow YRR Fam member Jason back in this house. Let us take a moment of silence to praise them. The Jason playing BBOTT is different from the Jason in the BB17 house. He gives no fucks. He’s not there to make friends. Jason himself says that @thejayroy (his twitter handle) came to play BBOTT this season. Jason was in hot water week one as the only vet in the house, but after a clutch POV win and wrangling the outsiders together into what is now known as the misfits or the Late Night Jamboree; Jason is doing pretty well. It’s become apparent in the house that being on Jason’s side is being on America’s side. Even the Plastics are keeping Jason off their radar for the most part. Other than calling Shelby dumpster juice a time or two and a few confrontations with Monte – it’s been gravy baby for our dear Jason.

Alliances: The Misfits aka Late Night Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, & Kryssie), The Invisibles (Jason/Justin), Defunct OTT Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Shelby, Kryssie, & Scott)


Where did they find this guy? There is so much, yet so little to say about Justin. He has no clue what he’s doing or how he got there. Part of me wonders if he just accidentally wandered onto the CBS lot one day and they just hedged their bets. Justin is good feeds. He says the wackiest shit. He rides with the right people. Hates the right people. Dances through HOH competitions. Justin also has the potential to really learn this game. He’s a bit sloppy, but when having his early morning game talks with Jason; Justin shows a real Paul-esque aptitude to learn. Justin needs to win a HOH stat for my heart and for entertainment.

Alliances: The Misfits aka Late Night Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, & Kryssie), The Invisibles (Jason/Justin), Defunct OTT Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Shelby, Kryssie, & Scott)


Life is to love and hate the shit our of Kryssie. On one hand, Kryssie is on the more likable (to most) side of the house. On the other hand, she thinks we loveeeeeeeeee her on James Huling levels. Whelp. Kryssie is crude, rude, and pretty socially unacceptable. She’s entertaining enough in small doses, but when she hops on her high horse get your candles friends. It will be a long night. Kryssie is most likely to catch a Have Not sentence just to shut her up. In her defense, it hasn’t been too easy on this Chicago waitress. She’s rode the block twice and was at the center of the Plastic’s ruse to vote out Danielle during week two, so maybe we need to give her a break.

Alliances: The Misfits aka Late Night Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, & Kryssie), Ride or Die with Jason, Defunct OTT Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Shelby, Kryssie, & Scott)


I really want to like Shelby. I have tried to like Shelby. It’s really hard to like Shelby. I probably have the hardest time with Shelby due to the fact that Shelby is an extra petty, extra mean, but not that funny version of Jason and more aptly – myself. When Shelby is with the Misfits, Shelby is her best self. What started out as a hired mole job with the Plastics has turned into a full time gig and it has made her super grating to houseguests and feedsters alike. Shelby has no off switch and can dish it, but can rarely handle jokes being thrown back her way. Jason vs. Shelby and #krackelgate has been the latest drama in the #BBOTT house. At the end of the day, I look for Shelby to go home on a fluke or to gravitate back to the misfits  once she figures out she is at the bottom of her alliance. Tick tock on that one…. Shelby did blatantly disregard Big Jeff though which is alwas\ys going to win points with me.

Alliances: The Plastics (Alex, Morgan, Wheatknee, & Shelby), MonteMonte & His Pythons (Monte + Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Wheatknee) –  Defunct OTT Jamboree  (Jason, Justin, Shelby, Kryssie, & Scott)


Squeak, squeak, squeak. Scott is playing the game really really hard. He is smack dab in the middle of the alliances and is trying to play that Andy Herren game. Unfortunately, Scott is not endearing enough to make it work. Going into week three *SPOILER* if things hadn’t turned Scott’s way, his ass was total grass for his rat ways. Scott came into the house as a superfan with guns a blazing. Unfortunately, he scorned America, landed in the Have Not room, almost got backdoored, and neither side of the house trusts him. It’s a full season 11 Ronnie catastrophe for Scabbers and he did it all to himself. Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

Rat Floater – No Real Allegiances 


The most interesting thing about Morgan is that she has a sister in the house. Otherwise, it would be pretty easy to forget that she’s even there. Really all we know about her is that she didn’t plan on working with her sister and she is flabbergasted day after day that they are aligned. Other than that, Morgan’s a snooze. She’s aligned with the Plastics and is very close with Monte. Alex continually urges her to branch out lest she be guilty by association with the unsavories in the house, but Morgan seemingly could care less. The feeling is mutual. Morgan does have a penchant for telling Monte to stop being a pussy though so I guess she’s not completely useless.

Alliances: The Plastics (Alex, Morgan, Wheatknee, & Shelby), MonteMonte & His Pythons (Monte + Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Wheatknee) –  Mongmance (Flirtmance with Morgan)


Alex would and should be the standout gamer of the season… She’s not and let me tell you why. Alex is pissed to be on BBOTT. I get it. Alex probably should have been cast on a normal season. She’s got some game. She hates the right people. She knows all of the game moves to make to get far. IN A NORMAL SEASON. Dearest Alexandra can’t get past the fact that Big Brother Over the Top is not the traditional game. She’s never cared about America and is at odds with herself about gaming with the twist rather than trying to sidestep and outplay America. At the beginning of her HOH reign, things were looking brighter for Alex and she narrowly missed having her own secret sister on the block during her HOH. She was making connections with the other side of the house, gaming with Jason, acknowledging to Morgan that they needed to try and make a flip to the other side in the coming weeks…. and then she dropped it. Alex is miffed and campaigning very hard to save Monte’s ass when even his own alliance is skeptical. Don’t even get me started on the Danielle tunnelvision. Alex – do better.

Alliances: The Plastics (Alex, Morgan, Wheatknee, & Shelby), MonteMonte & His Pythons (Monte + Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Wheatknee), Loose Agreement with Jason, Alex/Scott


To the uninitiated, Neeley doesn’t seem to have a whole hell of a lot going on. Nana Neeley got attention the first night as she immediately lied about her age to fit in with the kiddos in the house. Otherwise, Nana went to sleep until she found out Danielle was going up beside of her boo Jason. After a truly inspiring speech, wigs were off and Neeley was working. Jason came off the block and Neeley became an instrumental part of the Late Night Jamboree alliance. Danielle and Neeley went to work- angling the narrative that Cornbread was nominated by America not as a strike against Monte, but because of some racially sensitive remarks that were made towards other houseguests. After succeeding in sending ol’ Crescent Roll right out the back door, Neeley surprised the viewers and houseguests alike with a beast performance in the endurance HOH in which she was barely edged out by Alex for the win. Since then, Neeley has been a hit in the DR and has delighted the backyard with many a pandering spiritual about booting the other side of the house.

Alliances: The Misfits aka Late Night Jamboree (Jason, Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, & Kryssie), Loosely Aligned with Monte, Neeley/Kryssie, Very Loyal to Jason


How does one eulogize a pastry we hardly knew? BreadCrumb and his Dirty Cornbread Sheets was kinda a non-entity of the house. As Jason said,, evict someone the first week who can garner no sympathy. Cornbread… BreadCrumb… Michael… Chad…. whatever his name was. Honey Boo Boo Senior? I’m sure he isn’t a bad guy. He just wanted a bit of TV time and a vacation in a TV studio. Sorry about cutting it short, boo boo. There’s always YouNow?

Alliances: Defunct Four Horsemen (Monte, CB, Shane, & Scott)



So there you have it. This format is a mess and I love it. It’s impossible to condense every little shift and nuance that happens in a week. Production seems to have taken a backseat to meddling and pushing storylines which is propeling America to do it for them. Two weeks in a row the HOH has been rendered powerles for shirking America’s warnings and it cost Cornbread and Monte their games. With Scott as our HOH going into week 3 and a game changing Care Package on it’s way, stay tuned to see if America can stay on top of the game.









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    While Maidana has urged his opponent “to stop crying and just fight” in their re-match, Mayweather plans to go about his business as usual when he defends his World Boxing Association belt and his World Boxing Council title.

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    Now that the Congolese Constitution bars him from clinging to power, he — like the dictator in the neighboring Congo (the one formerly known as Zaire) — intends to change it, preventing politicians who are advocates of democratic principles (and free of the stain of corruption that has been the hallmark of the current ruler’s time in power) from seeking office, winning elections and leading the nation and its people out of poverty.

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    That would complicate Chinese calculations over any military move against Vietnamese holdings in the Spratlys or in the event of an armed clash over disputed oil fields, even though China has a much larger navy, including a fleet of 70 submarines, they added.

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