Survivor 28 Cagayan Blog Recap Episode 13 “It’s Do Or Die” & Reunion Show


tony_prettylittleliarLET’S DO THIS! When the Final Four returns to camp after voting Trish out at Tribal Council Spencer says it was one for the books; it was crazy. Kass wants to know why Tony voted for Trish; because he doesn’t play the game emotionally, he plays it strategically. What?! (BTW, you should watch the Survivor Finale Recap show with Jon, Eric and I). I thought for sure Tony would want to sit next to Trish at the end! Tony explains that he feels bad about the Trish vote; she hasn’t blindsided anyone or done wrong to anyone and that’s why he voted her out – He was afraid she would take the money over him in the end because she’s “nice”. Uh… Okay. Sure, Tony. Whatever. You’d have won HANDS DOWN over Trish. Not that it matters…. And then there’s congrats all around. Spencer is amazed that he’s in the Final Four, but Tribal was demoralizing when Tony pulled out his bag of tricks to reveal his two Immunity Idols. At this point, Tony explains that he’s definitely in the Final Three with his remaining Immunity Idol and that Spencer is probably his biggest threat. Kass doesn’t buy this Idol Threat, though, she’s pretty sure it’s not useable at the Final Four and Tony knows that he could be in big trouble if he doesn’t win Immunity.

final4familypicnicThe next day, Kass talks about Trish’s capacity to hate with Tony. She thinks his paranoia got the best of him, again, because she’s pretty sure that no one likes Trish and she thinks everyone made a mistake in getting rid of her. It wasn’t her though, so she doesn’t care. She also thinks that Tony hasn’t had to do much; he was on a winning team all the way up to the merge. Oh, but Kass… Tony was playing the game the whole time, making moves he didn’t need to make, telling lies he didn’t need to tell – you just didn’t see all that, but some of the people on the Jury did! One of those people is Sarah and you flipped on her, which you shouldn’t have done. It’s around this time that the love boat arrives at the beach with… FAMILY VISIT TIME! Yes! I think Final Four is a perfect time to deliver some love to the players, right before an important Immunity Challenge as a reward for making it that far into the game. I think it’s great and cost-effective; wouldn’t mind if this is the new format from now on at all. That’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the family visit; it’s always nice to see the player’s family members and we do talk about it in the recap show.

kass_mamasgotabrandnewbagImmunity Challenge: Players will be perched on top of a pole in the water and must use a bucket to fill a tube that will raise a key up to them as it is filled. Once the key is retrieved, the player can dive into the water, swim back to shore, unlock the puzzle pieces then solve the puzzle. Right of the gate, Tony, Spencer and Woo are off to a good start – Kass is not having as much luck, what with the wind and all and the fact that she’s all shaky on the perch. Neck and neck are Tony and Spencer, but Woo isn’t far behind him, but Tony is owning this so far – he’s the first one to grab his key, but since he can’t swim… *eyeroll* DUDE! How do you go on Survivor without learning how to swim?! So Tony has to waste time climbing down the pole, Spencer grabs his key and dives into the water. Woo joins them soon and the three boys seem to be the contenders in this challenge, but what’s this?! Kass grabs her key, swims to shore and all of the sudden; Chaos Kass become the Comeback Kid and WINS IMMUNITY! OMG! Can’t believe it! I really thought Spencer would destroy this challenge! These BRAINS! Dominating Individual Immunity! Spencer is not pleased that he lost – TO KASS OF ALL PEOPLE! lol Yeah, I know, right?

spencer_wearebadassthreatsBack at camp after the challenge, everyone is telling Kass what a great job she did and it must have been nice to have her hubby there watching her epic performance. Privately she tells us that it was her intention to go to the Final Three with two Brawns; she’s sealed that fate – she will be going to the Final Three with two Brawns. NOOOOOOOOO! Spencer! NOOOOOOOOO! Kass feels really good about her chances with Woo or Tony. Tony can’t believe he hasn’t won a single solo challenge, he really wanted to do that, but he couldn’t. Spencer pops into the conversation asking if he can have a private chat with Tony at some point. Into the jungle they go! Spencer tells Tony that he is positive it will be a Final Two. Tony doesn’t know why he’s saying that so Spencer explains. Jeff didn’t say the people in the Final Three would have a shot to plead their case to the Jury – So smart you are, Spencer! And since Spencer is such a super fan of the show, Tony is listening. Spencer continues to explain how the Final Three Immunity works and that Tony’s best shot at winning is keeping Spencer around. Kass will take Woo and Woo will take Kass, but if bigger threat Spencer is still around he has a much better shot at not being voted out at the Final Three Tribal Council.

spencer_doublesnuffedTribal Council: Jeff is all over it with the Kass compliments in regards to her huge comeback at the challenge. She attributes the win to having her husband there to cheer her on. Tony is sad that his wife didn’t arrive on the boat. Everyone in the Jury looks pissed that the Final Four got to see their family members. Jeff addresses the look of despair on Spencer’s face after losing Immunity and BAM! Spencer pulls out his cards and they are all over the table in front of the Jury. If they vote Spencer, Jeff ought to be straight snuffin’ Tony’s torch, if it’s a Final Two, right after he does the same to Spencer’s. If Tony keeps him and votes out Woo tonight instead he has a much better shot at the Final Two because Spencer will take him and he’ll throw himself under the bus, even now in front of the Jury: Tony played the better game. And blah blah blah. Spencer is voted out. And Eric is probably still in tears about it. Here’s another hug for you, awesome. ::hug::

woo_absolutefistbumpBack from Tribal again; Kass is surprised, but happy that things went as planned. Everyone is bummed that they aren’t celebrating being the Final Three and that one of them has to “go home” as a result of the Immunity Challenge the next day. Those of us at home are not, though! Woohoo! Final Two! Finally! After how many years of Final Threes and we finally go back to Survivor Classic mode with a Final Two!? Ya’ll can bitch all you want on the Island – Final Two is how Survivor should play out so allow me to play a song on a tiny violin for you. Now’s where’s my tiny violin… While Tony is out playing with his coconuts, Kass is all “so, Woo, you know what needs to happen, right?” – He knows. Tony can’t win. One of them have to win. The conversation is had – I’m taking you, you’re taking me, right, Woo? Yes, absolutely, Woo says… Hmmm… We’ll see about that… Note: “I’d be the stupidest Survivor player, taking Tony to the end”. – Woo

finalimmunityImmunity Challenge: OMG this Immunity Challenge! Epic. It’s not the endurance challenge that I like to see, but what an intense build! So – it’s this huge maze with turnstiles; some move, some don’t and there are four stations from which each player must gather a token, once all four are collected they can start on a gear maze to raise a flag and win that necklace. When the challenge begins, the boys stick together and Kass is off on her own; Woo is pretty much just following Tony around the course. Solo style seems to be working well for Kass, though, because she’s ahead of the boys, but things even up when the boys finally get the most difficult to retrieve token. Kass saved the hardest one for last, but this is an equalizer challenge – we’ve still got the puzzle. And when they get to the puzzle it is NECK AND NECK between Kass and Woo and I’m on the EDGE OF MY SEAT! With all of their gears in the correct places, it’s a spin off to win the necklace and by SECONDS, Woo takes home the prize!

woo_whatevstothisBack at camp, congrats are given to Woo. He’s so psyched about his win, but he’s still feeling uneasy. He now has to choose either Tony or Kass to go to the Final Two and Tony is on it.  Not long after getting back to camp, Tony and Woo go for a walk, during which Tony will be subtle, but aggressive, planting his seeds hoping something will grow. Tony plays upon Woo’s sense of loyalty and honor; he’s been loyal this whole time so why stop now? If he takes Kass, all of that goes out the window so Woo should totally take Tony to the Final Two. And, Kass played the game, she made moves, albeit some chaotic ones, but moves were made and she made more than Woo did. Woo will think about it; he can’t give his word yet. Tony says that he wouldn’t buy what he was selling and hopes that Woo will. Kass has her time; she’s not well-liked, Woo is – he’s a lot like Fabio. If Woo takes Tony, Tony will tell everyone that Woo was a tag-a-long and why should Woo win when Tony did all the work? Kass says that if she’s on the Jury – she’s voting for Tony because he played the better game. She is also horrified that the person who hasn’t made a decision the whole game, is now in charge of her fate. Woo tells Kass the same thing he told Tony – he’s going to think about it.

tony_imgonnawinTribal Council: But first… Woo is really having trouble with this decision. He wants to win, but he doesn’t want to put his integrity in jeopardy. He’s been with Tony this whole time, but his chances of winning are very slim if he sits next to Tony. With Kass beside him, he has a much better chance, but the Jury may not like his disloyalty. And just like I tweeted – If you’re playing Survivor the only person you should be loyal to in the end is yourself and your family. That’s why anyone goes on Survivor, (well, maybe not Russel lol), to win a million dollars. So, at Tribal, Jeff is asking Woo about stuff and Woo says that Tony voted out Spencer mostly because he was loyal to Woo, which really puts a grin on Tony’s face. Tony shoves more trust and loyalty talk down Woo’s throat via talking to Jeff about voting out Spencer. Kass plays up that Woo could lose a million dollars if he picks Tony. Jeff then asks to hear about the arguments proposed to Woo, but Woo has other plans. He wants to deviate from the norm and just get the vote. He hopes that Kass and Tony will understand his decision, but he’s done listening to their arguments. Ohhhh. Okay. LET’S GO!

woo_rockinstacheFast Forward Mode: Woo votes out Kass. Both Brawny boys are bouncing and boisterous when they get back to camp. Woo thinks he made a big power mode. He thinks that Tony will not do well with the Jury, but understands that it’s a risky move. Taking Tony just felt right though so what will be will be. The next day there is breakfast for them at Tree Mail; there is also a clue. Tony finds it of course and I’m like, HOW MANY MORE IDOLS DO WE NEED IN THIS GAME?! What good is an idol now anyway?! But it’s just a little note to lead them to a mirror and scales to weigh themselves. Woo is going to focus on all of his martial arts training and that whole way of life at the Final Tribal. He’s thisclose! He’s got a 50% chance at a million dollars. Let’s see how all that goes…

Final Tribal Council: Opening Statements: Right off the bat, Tony says he’s going to be honest, he’s eager to explain things and he’s grateful to Woo for taking him to end despite the fact that Tony has a really good shot at winning. Woo explains that he knew it would be a game full of lies, but he wanted to be true to himself and maintain loyalty and blah blah blah. Woo also talks about his mom’s heart attack and recovery; it’s what inspired him during his time on the island. The Jury seems receptive…

tony_villainnotvillainJury Questions: Sarah is first up and she is not happy that Tony swore on his badge that he would never write her name down; she doesn’t think she can write his name down now because of that. Her question is for Woo, though. Sarah thinks she played the same game Woo did so would he vote for her if she were in the end. He says he would, especially if she didn’t have any hidden Immunity Idols. Sarah’s good with that and at this point: I’m calling that a vote for Woo. Jefra is next and she’s not bitter, but she wants to be fair and she wants Tony to own his game; she wants him to look her in the eye and admit he backstabbed everyone on the jury. The second she hears a B.S. answer, she’s going to write a “W” down so fast. Yeah. Totally not bitter. Tony owns up everything, says he wasn’t going to backstab her, she was going to blindside him first. Jefra says if she was going to flip, she would have done it the vote before – she wants him to admit that he’s the villain, and he does, but then he says he’s not and was just playing strategic aaaaand… I’m saying that’s another vote for Woo right there.

tasha_notamusedMorgan is up next… And GOOD LORD this girl! I’m so pretty. I know how to keep men in my back pocket. I think it’s a skill. Tony, you kept men in your back pocket and you don’t even have breasts! *eyeroll* Morgan wants to know how he got all the dudes to follow him. Tony talks about being genuine and generous; giving away last sips of water and seashells of rice, but game-wise he had different strategies. Morgan only wants to tell Woo that she respects the decision he made in taking Tony to the end; he chose a player that deserved to be there instead of a Kass the Goat, (I thought Trish was a goat and Kass was a llama; I think I missed something). I’m also calling this a vote for Woo. Jeremiah is up next and he’s not a Tony fan. Where Jeremiah is from, you don’t swear on your family or behave the way Tony did; does Tony really have a wife and kid??? And to keep this moving – I’m calling Jeremiah a vote for Woo as well. That makes four. He only needs five to win. Tasha’s turn! All she wants to know is how Tony kept up his loyal alliance of people despite all his lies and disloyalty. He articulates that he explained to his alliance every move, only broke his word when word to him was broken first and that the only person he truly broke his word to was Trish. Woo’s question is how did he choose to align with Tony? Woo articulates that he and Tony weren’t close, Tony didn’t trust him; it wasn’t until The Five after the merge when he was the odd man out so he molded himself to fit. Don’t know who Tasha is going to vote for – could go either way so Woo 4, Tony 0.

trish_awwhellnoHellooo, LJ! He wants to know who Tony is – does he live in a fantasy world playing the game? Tony answers by telling LJ that he was threatened by him and he knew he had to get rid of him if he had any hope of winning the game. Tony was terrified. Tony explains how he set up LJ to break his promise to Woo with the lie about Woo maybe having an Idol. And LJ is good. No questions for Woo. Not sure which way he is going to swing either. Up next – Chaos Kass! She wants to know why Woo didn’t cut off the head of the Tony the Dragon. Woo talks about honor, the money means a lot to him, but he thought bringing someone who deserved to be there would gain him favor with the jury. Kass doesn’t get that – So Woo brought someone that deserved it more than himself? “We are all deserving, Kass,” is his reply and he didn’t feel that Kass deserved the spot next to him as much as Tony did. With that, Kass is good. And now… Trish. She wants to know whose idea it was to blindside her, Woo fesses up and says it was his, she wants to know why – it was her reputation with the Jury. She’s a sweetheart and there’s no way they would have had a shot with her in the Final Three. Fair enough! Now she takes her turn with Tony… If you haven’t seen that speech – you need to go watch it right now. One of the best Jury speeches ever. Not THE best, but one of them. She doesn’t hold back and it’s awesome. And this is Woo’s fifth vote to win so at this point, I’m totally convinced I called it preseason.

spencer_sillygoatsThen Spencer takes the stage… LET’S DO THIS! Basically, Spencer likens Woo to a dog that obeys Tony’s every command – why wouldn’t he take Kass the Goat to the Final? As a student of the game, that makes the most sense to Spencer. Woo asks if Spencer would have respected that move and Spencer says that he would have – he would have expected that. Woo says he is a different student. Onto Tony! Spencer doesn’t have a question. He has a statement. For the Jury. Tony played his ass off in the game, Woo was a passive player, the fact that Tony found three Idols is irrelevant, Tony played the kind of game that is rarely seen in Survivor and when they go to make their votes they should be voting for Tony because he’s the only person sitting there actually played the game and played it in a way that honors it. And with that – it’s time to vote! And then… It’s time to read them at the Reunion Show.

tony_dawinnerSo Tony wins and I’m pretty happy about it. Sure, it would have been cool if my preseason prediction came true, but I came pretty close! Woo made the Final Two. FINAL TWO! FINALLY! And I don’t care what anyone says – I LOVE WOO! And regardless of what Eric and Jon or anyone else says, I think that there is something to respect about taking someone to the Final that is a competitor. Maybe not for Woo in this game, but it is a respectable move – If Spencer had been in Woo’s shoes and taken Tony instead of Kass… Who knows! I’m such a fan of this season of Survivor. I wasn’t sure about it preseason, but I LOVED IT! So many great episodes, so many blindsides, Tony played a great game and he really did play in a way that honors the game of Survivor.

Reunion Show: I have lots of ideas for Survivor, Jeff Probst. Allow me to share again my idea for Speed Survivor… So anytime you want to give me that phone number… Kansas dreamers should stick together and help each other out dude! And I may not have his fame or money, but I’m way more awesome than Tyler Perry and would be a total asset to the show. I guarantee I’m a more massive fan than he is AND I know people who are even more massively fanatic than I am. Follow me on Twitter @thedolphinpoet and we’ll get this party started. That’s pretty much all I have to say about the Reunion Show.

Survivor Blood Vs Water 2: TOO SOON! If they are all new players, I’ll be very interested to see what happens, but… It’s still too soon. (Oh and that’s the word: it’s all new players and their loved ones, not returning players – I would still love to see Spencer and his sister there though). People keep saying “if they’ve filmed it yet” – they have. Tony mentioned on the Reunion Show that he filmed Survivor a year ago and I’ve met Survivors, my cousin’s obsessed with the show too, especially the technical, filming aspects of the show and – they film these things a year before they air. If they are bringing in any returning players, or other reality show stars from other shows, they were cast based upon the popularity projections done by the networks – they are not based on audience reaction to the current season. But what do I know? I’m just a blogger from Kansas. And I will be back next season to get all Survivory with ya’ll! Can’t wait! Xoxox (Oh, and… Get your Big Brother 16 live feeds through us – Eric has lots of cool perks, prizes and stuff to offer you).


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Melissa is a small town girl with big city dreams living in Kansas where she strives to revitalize her rural, agricultural community through her work with the local newspaper, City Council, Chamber of Commerce and Scenic Byway committee - She guarantees it's not as glamorous or as lucrative as it sounds, though. Her passion for her community can only be matched by her passion for entertainment. Melissa’s first dream job was “stand up comedian” and today she considers herself to be an aspiring screenwriter hoping to bring more of that Hollywood sparkle to her home in the Flint Hills. (You’d be surprised at the people you can meet living in such a small town)! Reality TV has been one of Melissa’s guilty pleasures since the days of The Real World on MTV (London is her favorite), but the addiction didn’t really begin until Survivor premiered in the summer of 2000. Though it took her awhile to succumb to the allure of Big Brother, she eventually gave in to temptation and has been a live feeder since Big Brother All-Stars (season seven). Other favorite reality shows include: The Joe Schmo Show (she recommends watching all three seasons), The Amazing Race, Joe Millionaire, Beauty and the Geek, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Chase, The Colony… Don’t even get her started on non-reality TV shows (she’ll start herself just fine between seasons of Survivor and Big Brother). Melissa is super excited to blogging for Your Reality Recaps and loves to “nerd out” about her favorite shows with people who share her passion.


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