Survivor 32 Koah Rong Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn Blog Recap Episode 8: The Jocks vs the Pretty People


1_loosefittingpantspleaseThis time on Survivor… After Neal’s sudden departure from the game, Scot comments in his best Jeff Probst voice that it’s okay to be happy and sad in the same moment. Everyone, not so enthusiastically I might add, agrees that it’s good that everyone that is there is still there. Julia wants to keep all her cuts super clean from now on and Joe is feeling very powerless. The Brains are down to three members, their heads are definitely on chopping blocks, so he’ll have to somehow put that thinking cap on and figure out some options. Meanwhile, the Brawns and Beauties congregate to talk about their plan, which is pretty much set in stone – They are gonna split the vote in case of any Idols lurking within the pockets of the Brains until they are all gone. Aubry totally knows what’s going on and compares the game to high school – all the pretty people sitting around with the jocks and the shy, nerdy misfits outside the circle. BUUUT… Those people age and get over-ripe then the misfits get their revenge. If Aubry finds a crack or can start a little trouble to stay in the game…

2_jasonsbackstoryThe next day, everyone is sitting around the campfire asking Jason about his kids – he didn’t want to use his daughters, especially the one with Autism, to get ahead in the game, but if someone asks, he planned to tell the truth. He didn’t’ know much about Autism before his daughter was diagnosed and if he can raise awareness, he’s going to do it. He also is happy to let the tribe see that he’s not just this Brawny dude with tattoos – he’s a family man who works hard to care of his children. Cydney comments privately that Jason chose the perfect time to talk about his family so everyone could see that side of Jason, but she also sees how much more difficult it will be to beat him in the end now. She would give him some money too! So at this point, Cyd knows she needs to be more concerned with who can get her further in the game and who she can trust the most because it’s all about the big picture now. And from her tone, it sounds like she’s probably going to flip on Jason and the boys…

3_scotpileCome on in, guys! It’s time for Reward. Up for grabs? ICE CREAM! To win a visit to the Survivor Ice Cream Cart, which will be set up at camp, the tribe will be divided into two teams of five and must use two poles to transfer one person from one large platform to another. Once they complete the first stage, all five players must climb up a tower to a smaller platform and arrange themselves so that everyone has their feet on or above the platform. To divide the tribe, a school yard pick created two very different teams. Julia was a captain and she went with two tall and two small players: Scot, Tai, Debbie, and Nick. Aubry was a captain and chose a more “consistent” team: Jason, Joe, Cydney, and Michele. Survivors ready? GO! Aaand… Aubry is not having any luck on those poles. Having Scot and Nick on her team was a huge advantage for Julia – those tall boys could get a higher grip on the poles. Aubry falls over and over again and Michele takes her place, but her luck isn’t any better so Cydney takes over, but by this time, Julia has been delivered to the second large platform and it’s all over. Even though Scot’s feet are a little bigger than the tower – there is room on the sides of them, though – Julia’s team is situated on the small platform very quickly and probably used Scot’s towering body to help support and balance. Hell, Scot could have probably just picked them all up and held them! lol So… Obviously, Julia’s team wins reward…

4_waitressdebbieagainAubry is very upset about losing the challenge – she has been trying and trying to keep her head above water, but she just can’t seem to make a good decision. It’s not even the ice cream… Which has been delivered to camp as promised when the tribe returns from the challenge. Tai wishes they could share, but they can’t and Debbie doesn’t feel sorry for the losers at all, she admits at the time that it is awkward sitting there eating ice cream in front of them, but that’s part of the game and she’s happy that she’ll have a full belly and lots of energy for the next challenge. As the winners enjoy their reward quietly, Jason yells over to them that they can have fun and be rowdy and enjoy it more. Michelle comments privately that she’s not a big fan of Jason’s boisterous nature or the way he throws his weight about around camp thinking he’s running the show. She respected the way the winners handled the awkwardness of enjoying their reward in front of the losers. Cut back to the winners where Julia comments that this is the longest she’s gone without talking to her parents, which leads to more back story about Scot. Scot’s mom has a rare disease and is in assisted living in Utah at the age of 75 and his dad died when he was 16, they always struggled financially. His siblings chose religion and family, he chose the NBA and he takes care of everyone now. They might not have been able to talk strategy, but it was a good reward socially speaking, Julia says…

5_notirritatedyetThe next day Scot, Jason, and Nick are left alone at camp and because Joe is sleeping, and left his hearing aids at home so he definitely can’t hear them, and most of the girls and Tai are out fishing, the boys talk strategy. Scot and Jason are concerned about an all girl alliance and privately Nick tells us that he’s not worried about that at all. When the girls get back, Nick pulls Julia into the jungle for a walk just to get updated with her and she confirms that there is no girl alliance. Cyd watches all of this and it doesn’t sit well with her especially after Nick gets back and communicates quietly to the guys that they are good and everything is cool with the girls. Cyd wastes no time in confronting the situation and asks the boys if they sent Nick out with Julia to check up on HER, meaning herself because she’s not plotting against them. And next time the boys should send someone who is less obvious with his facial expressions. The boys are like, ah, nah, man, we aren’t doing that, we’re cool. Then Jason asks if Cyd wants to go fetch some water with him because he knows he has to do a little damage control; he didn’t think the paranoia would hit so soon…Once they are at the well, Jason confesses that the three of them were wondering about a girl alliance and Jason said they would talk to Cyd when she returned to camp. Nick chose to take Julia for a walk to talk on his own accord and Cyd’s the one who started acting all crazy about it. Cyd is very quick to correct Jason – she asked a question. She doesn’t need anyone going around checking up on her and Nick better watch his back. And so should Jason because we haven’t seen Irritated Cydney yet – Irritated Cydney would be channeling Chaos Kass and would totally tell everyone about his Idol. We end this sequence with Cydney saying that if one the boys has to go, one of the boys has to go…

6_secondsawayCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity… In this challenge, each tribe member will balance on a narrow perch and hold onto bars above their heads. They must keep their hands on the bars and their feet on the perch and we all know about this challenge and I dunno about you guys, but I freakin’ LOVE the Immunity necklace this season… Once everyone is in position, the challenge begins. Everyone looks good, but clearly, Scot is going to have the most trouble as his feet are so huge. Tai begins to struggle, but after five minutes, he’s still in it and Jeff starts talking and asking about how everyone is feeling because they now have a good idea of what this challenge is going to be like. Tai’s back is starting to bother him now, but he’s hanging in there then Jeff starts talking about the fact that some people must feel pretty comfortable and now’s the time for those people show their faces! It’s time for Food Temptation! Jeff explains that everyone will have the time it takes him to bring out the food to make a decision about stepping down, but they should NOT step down until he gives them the opportunity. Julia can’t take it, though. She can’t do it for another minute, not even for food, and she steps down!!! And JUST as she takes a seat on the bench, HERE COMES JEFF with a big ol’ platter of food and there’s a big tray full of pizza on the bench, none of which Julia can enjoy… So! Jeff has four pizzas, eight brownies, six hotdogs, a bunch of chicken drumsticks, and some cold drinks. And Jason has already decided to hop off his perch as Jeff explains he will count to ten, he can’t count fast enough for Scot. lol

7_yeahtheybetterSo! Jason, Scot, Michele, and Joe all step down to eat leaving Tai, Debbie, Aubry, Cyd, and Nick in the challenge. Tai tells Jeff that he had no intention of stepping down. He wants to challenge his body and he doesn’t want a Brain to win the challenge. You know Jeff is all over that comment and Nick confirms that one of the Brains is the target this week then Debbie drops out of the challenge. As Jeff explains that there are four people left, his attention goes to Aubry and as soon as he comments that the look on her face says it all about how she’s feeling, she steps down, then out of nowhere, Nick does the same. After thirty minutes, Tai asks Cydney how’s she’s feeling – she’s peachy! Tai can’t believe she’s not in pain like him and everyone on the bench is impressed with how still she is on that perch. Tai says that he wants to push himself as far as he can go, he’s survived worse and he thinks he can last a long time because he is like bamboo, bending to the wind, and sometimes redwoods like Cydney snap. Cyd says that will not be happening anytime soon. Forty minutes later, the people on the bench is super impressed with both Cyd and Tai, who is calling upon Buddha for strength as Cyd watches and begins to move around as she starts to feel the toll the challenge has taken on her body and just like that, she drops and Tai wins Immunity!

8_rulebreakinUpon returning to camp, everyone bestows congrats and compliments to Tai on his performance and Cydney receives accolades from Debbie as well. Nick says the plan is to split the votes and Debbie is the target; Tai mentions that this plan right after the Immunity challenge as well. Nick, knowing that this will put Aubry into a position of vulnerability, takes her on walk to see where her thoughts are at game-wise. She’s just waiting for someone to tell her what the hell is going on because she and the Brains are clearly on the chopping block. He tells her they are splitting the vote between her and the other two Brains 3 to 4 and if she really wants to bet on the winning horse, she’ll vote for Debbie, buuut he didn’t tell her anything… Aaand he knows he’s being arrogant, but he has to take advantage of her position in the game because he has to. Aubry understands – at least he’s being honest with her. Nick admits that it is very uncharacteristic of him to be so open and himself around someone in the game, but if no one else is going to take advantage of Aubry’s vulnerability in the game, he’s going to do it and Aubry understands that she is in no position to oppose him…

9_totallynotgoodactuallyLater, Cydney and Debbie are alone in the camp and Cyd whispers that she wants to talk to her; they wait for Aubry, who is walking back into camp, then the three women take to the jungle for privacy. Cydney tells them that the ratio of men to women is equal and now is the time to strike – she wants to vote out Nick and how do they feel about that idea? Debbie likes it! She’s in and so is Aubry. From now on, Cyd’s plan is to stick with the women because it makes more sense for her to do so and later, she has a little chat with Michele and Julia about Nick and voting him out because she has Aubry and Debbie on board. Michele thinks she could work with Nick a little longer and isn’t sure if she should vote him out now, but she’s not totally against the idea; she just has to figure out what’s best for her game. She wants to make that big move to earn the title of Sole Survivor, but it’s all about timing. Julia is also hesitant because Jason will be gunning for them if they make this move and as we go to Tribal, we’re not sure what’s going to happen and I’m begging for a blindside!

10_noideaAfter the players file into Tribal, Nick and Michele finally light their torches – because neither has been to a Tribal Council yet – then Jeff brings in the Jury because Neal has been given the “okay” from medical to attend. So! Jeff is curious what it’s like for Michele not having been to Tribal – it has to stir up the Survivor juices as nice as it is to have avoided it for 22 days. Michele agrees – it’s nice, but it’s not until you go to Tribal and vote that you show what kind of player you are in the game. Debbie is asked about her observations about the merged tribe – obviously, the Brawns and Beauties have joined forces and the Brains are on the block. Aubry says she’s been running around like Cochran’s Dream Girl, (hahaha), but there’s nothing she can do to gain some traction with someone. Jeff points out that someone has to be on the bottom of that group and Julia jumps into to comment that people feel really comfortable and that there are opportunities to switch things up later. Jason pipes in to comment that his alliance agrees that they are seven strong and should stay that way. Jeff then asks Scot how they ensure the seven actually stick to their plans – “you don’t spend six days between Tribals”, he says and ha ha ha ha ha ha – He thinks their seven is pretty strong.

11_byebyeNickJeff now brings up Idols and for SOME REASON, Tai speaks up about how they didn’t know if there was an Idol, they figured maybe Neal had an Idol, and they figured out that two Idols can be merged together to form a Super Idol that can be used AFTER the vote AND OMG TAI! Duuude… Scot and Jason are wiggling in their seats at this point and Julia’s face reveals that she definitely did NOT know anything about the Super Idol. Tai THOUGHT everyone knew and Aubry points out that Julia was out of the loop on that one. Debbie voices again that there are people on the bottom of the alliance and that now is a great time to make a move. Tai tries to back peddle about his knowledge of the Super Idol saying that he was told about it and maybe it was a bunch of bollocks. Debbie still has hope, Scot doesn’t think the vote will go any other way than what has been predicted and it’s time to vote! And the whole time, I’m WAITING, impatiently, for people to DECIDE what they freakin’ want to BUY at the liquor store so I’m not watching when Jeff tallies and reads the votes, but I can hear him: Aubry, Debbie, Nick, Aubry, Jason, Nick, Nick, Nick, aaaaaaaaand, NICK! WOOHOO!!! Way to go, ladies! And the look on Nick’s face is priceless! And he admits that he was over-confident, he should have seen this coming,

Next time on Survivor… Scot and Jason have decided to “get back” at the girls by hiding knives and machetes and stuff, and apparently their antics take a toll and Julia is playing both sides and whatever happens it should be fun to watch! As always… We’ve got Amazing Race recaps, Big Brother Canada Coverage Galore, Hell’s Kitchen, Bravo Shows, The Bachelor, video recaps… We do a lot. You should really surf around. 😉 And if you’re shopping on Amazon, use this link – it doesn’t cost you more and it helps us out a bit! And if you really love us, join our Patreon program. 😉


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Melissa is a small town girl with big city dreams living in Kansas where she strives to revitalize her rural, agricultural community through her work with the local newspaper, City Council, Chamber of Commerce and Scenic Byway committee - She guarantees it's not as glamorous or as lucrative as it sounds, though. Her passion for her community can only be matched by her passion for entertainment. Melissa’s first dream job was “stand up comedian” and today she considers herself to be an aspiring screenwriter hoping to bring more of that Hollywood sparkle to her home in the Flint Hills. (You’d be surprised at the people you can meet living in such a small town)! Reality TV has been one of Melissa’s guilty pleasures since the days of The Real World on MTV (London is her favorite), but the addiction didn’t really begin until Survivor premiered in the summer of 2000. Though it took her awhile to succumb to the allure of Big Brother, she eventually gave in to temptation and has been a live feeder since Big Brother All-Stars (season seven). Other favorite reality shows include: The Joe Schmo Show (she recommends watching all three seasons), The Amazing Race, Joe Millionaire, Beauty and the Geek, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Chase, The Colony… Don’t even get her started on non-reality TV shows (she’ll start herself just fine between seasons of Survivor and Big Brother). Melissa is super excited to blogging for Your Reality Recaps and loves to “nerd out” about her favorite shows with people who share her passion.


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